Design ideas

SFOR’s top 3 tips to making your house a home

1.    Design for who lives there.  We all dream about that fancy model home where everything is perfect and stays that way with people and pets that seemingly do not exist.  A home that does not function well for those who live in it, no matter how good it looks, is not comfortable.  You, your family, visiting guests, and that awesome pet who

seems to always make his way on the couch will feel it.  Be realistic of your lifestyle.  It does not mean you

have to sacrifice style because you have kids and a dog.    

2.    Know your style and stick with it throughout your home.  A common mistake that homeowners make

is trying to update each room individually.  Usually there is an inspiration, for example, that couch at

HomeGoods.  Let me guess, there is only one, you MUST buy it today because its only $399.   We can all relate

to this feeling, but one piece of furniture does not change a home.  It could stick out like a sore thumb if there

is not an overall plan and color scheme to your home representing one style.  For example, that velvet tufted

gray loveseat at Home goods.  Very cute.  But how will it look with my pottery barn chair and beige walls?  

Like you are trying to pull it together one piece at a time.  Sore Thumb.  Trust me, you need an overall

plan for updating your home.  There is no such thing as a quick fix.

3.    Don’t buy cheap furniture.  You know where I am going with this, the place with the meatballs.  Just

please… don’t.  OK, unless it is for a kid’s room.  If you had to assemble it and its not in a garage, utility,

or kids room it is noticeable, trust me.  Unless you live like in a catalog where everything is minimal, Swedish modern or midcentury it won’t work with the existing REAL wood furniture in your home.  Unless of course you are going for “Dorm Room” style.?  If you are on a budget, opt for Target instead where you can get great designers putting their name on inexpensive furniture.  The quality may not last for years but there is good design behind it and it will blend a lot better.